The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs; Where Can You Find The Best Deals For Christmas?

The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs; Where Can You Find The Best Deals For Christmas? Author: Winston

These delightful little creatures, The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are not just for the little ones, adults love them too.

It’s not many times that a toy comes along that charms to all ages and all genders, but the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are one that does, and they just make you giggle.

These are not one of those toys that the kids play with once and throw aside. This is a toy that will be a buddy. This is a toy that makes you laugh every time it opens its mouth.

What are The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs?

The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs were just introduced in May of 2010. In the beginning there were only 4 colors available. At this writing there are 13 colors and by Christmas 2010 there should be even more colors available.

They have resemblances to little teddy bear style dolls. They have bright colored sort of retro style T-shirts. If you squeeze their bellies, their mouth opens showing cute little teeth and a tongue inside and when you let go, their mouth closes. But more notably, when you squeeze their bellies, they sing! When they sing, their mouth moves in synchronization with their singing.

Independently, they each have their own peculiar yet distinctive voice. Each different color Sing-A-Ma-Jig has a different vocal range from alto to baritone.

Individually, they seem to sing out strange random notes in some weird form of musical speech. However, if you get more than one to sing a single note at the same time, it’s almost as if they auto adjust and actually sing together in concert. With perfect pitch, they harmonize.

When you squeeze the left paw you change their singing modes from jibber jabber chatter to singing a single note or squeeze again and they sing preset songs. In song mode, you can control the speed of the song, by how long you hold and how rapidly you press its tummy, to give each song its own unique musical styling.

Each individual color Sing-A-Ma-Jig has a different song that it sings.

Dark Purple Sings: “Clementine”

Hot Pink Sings: “A Tisket A Tasket”

Light Blue Sings: “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow”

Mint Green Sings: “It’s Raining It’s Pouring”

New Red Sings: “Yankee Doodle”

New Yellow Sings: “This Little Light of Mine”

Orange Sings: “On Top of Old Smokey”

Pink Sings: “Skip to My Lou”

Purple Sings: “Oh Susanna”

Red Sings: “Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone”

Santa Sings: “Jingle Bells”

Teal Sings: “When the Saints Go Marching In”

Yellow Sings: “Home on the Range”

These peculiar little characters sing, harmonize and annoy. Yes, annoy. Just imagine an hour and a half trapped in the car to grandmas. You, the little ones and the other little ones emitting those peculiar sounds at whatever tempo the youngsters settle on. What do you do? The only thing that you can do; obtain your own Sing-A-Ma-Jig, sing along, harmonize and annoy them back. To be frank, The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are not noisy enough to really be annoying.

The Problem Is Finding The Sing A Ma Jigs:

Your kids and every other little one are going to require The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs for Christmas. The problem is that we are just barely into the Christmas shopping season and already The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are in short supply and becoming very hard to find. Many of the local retail merchants are already running out of stock or are somewhat out of stock. There are only four local major retailers, Wal-Mart, Target, Toys-R-Us and Kmart carrying The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs and they are all finding it hard to keep them in stock.

The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs were originally meant to sell for $12.99. As you can imagine, that’s pretty much out the window now. With the popularity getting higher and the supplies getting lower, well you know what that means, the price is going up.

The Solution; Where to Find The Sing A Ma Jigs at Discount Prices:

There are places popping up all over the internet now that are carrying these kooky critters. Unfortunately, because of the demand the prices are also skyrocketing. Some of the prices at many of these little known web sites, as well as many of the well known stores, are getting absolutely outrageous and it comes to question whether you can even have confidence in some of these sites.

We have a solution for you. First off, we find that eBay and Amazon seem to regularly have the absolute best prices on or off the web. Often times for less money than you could buy them in your community, if you can even find them in stock locally.

So to make it simple for you and our friends and family to find them at bargain prices, we have set up a web site that compares live prices from eBay, Amazon and the other major stores.

Click here to go to now and compare prices live.


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Increase Website Traffic ? How Useful to Execute Properly

Increase Website Traffic ? How Useful to Execute Properly Author: aldrin

It is not a secret that allowing the website on top of the ranking in search engine is a definite method to obtain potential clients and get favorable exposure. The web traffic researches reveal that individuals who visit the website using browsers are potentially to buy contrary to people seeing the website in banners, emails and/or other site ads devices.

First, it is crucial to understand where the present site traffic is coming. Remember, a successful Internet site needs exceptional visits. Complete understanding as to what intends men and women are trying to discover the website is meaningful to intensify the traffic. Understanding the keywords typed in the browser and on which browser directed every visitor to the website is important to intensify the site traffic. In addition, this information will help to discover new search engines as well as terms that will aid display on how to additionally intensify the traffic.

As discussed previously, to increase website traffic, presenting the website to many search engines, directories and pay-per-click (PPC) websites might prove highly efficient. A huge percentage of these websites may include a “rush” or “express” alternative that will enable the website to be viewed more instantly. As for search engines like Google and Yahoo, both are popular across the globe, direct submission of the search engine may not be as effective. It is important to link the website to top ranking websites to meet the objective.

One other alternative to increase website traffic is submitting the website to PPC lists. These particular lists work through keywords bidding an individual would like for his or her site to be visible under. The eager you are ready to pay each individual entering your website, the higher your site be ranked in the keyword provided. The most important and favorable method would be to fine-tune the specification you present for the website, in order to guide the targeted clients to conclude whether or not to visit your site, eventually accumulating the traffic.

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Watch Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears College Scores Online Live

Watch Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears College Scores Online Live Author: Debra Hewitt

With the Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears Playoffs just beginning you can find a lot of people that is going to be tuning in to look at these video games. Regardless of whether you are searching at viewing Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears tv set on the internet and following your favorite team or you’re just tuning in to watch Good Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears you’ll wish to see these matches.

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You’ll find even so those that won’t be capable of tune in for one cause or another. Maybe they are out of state or they’re out the nation. What are you going to do. You can’t miss your team playing. If this is the case then you will need Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears tv set on the web if you are not wanting to miss any video games.

There’s now an option obtainable to you. It is possible to check out Television straight in your laptop or Computer devoid of having to add any added hardware. You can get some software program that permits you to watch Tv directly on your laptop and you’ll check out it wherever you might be.

They give you access to the software that could allow you to watch Tv set channels on your laptop computer or Laptop. This revolutionary software package is altering the way Men and women observe Television set. You now don’t have to have to get further Tv set sets which could set you back fairly a bit of dollars.

All you now have to have is this software set up it on your laptop or Laptop. Chose the channel you want to look at and away you go. Now In case you are out of state or out of the country you’ll be able to also enjoy Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears Tv on-line via this application.

Watch Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears Games Online live streaming

When you are desperate to watch Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears Television set on the web then you’ve got no other selection than to get this software and install it and you may observe all of the channels you would like. Follow the link below and begin observing Georgia Bulldogs vs Mercer Bears Telly on the internet right now.

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Traveling at the Right Time of Year Costs Less

Traveling at the Right Time of Year Costs Less Author: Stuart S. Travel

The best time to travel is in the holidays, right? Not if you want to make big savings on your traveling costs it?s not. If you travel in off peak (or low season) periods, or even in the shoulder season, you?ll find traveling costs a lot less.


Where are you traveling? Do you know the peak travel times for this destination? Summer and spring, no matter where you are, are generally considered the peak seasons to travel, unless you are a winter sports enthusiast. In that case, ski resorts will be having their peak season in winter. And what hemisphere are you thinking of visiting? The seasons differ depending on whether you are north or south. For example, the North America summer months are June, July, August but in Australia the summer months are December, January and February. You will need to research your destination to find out the low season times to visit.


First of all, what type of savings can you expect to make if you travel in the off-peak season??

1. Air fares are much cheaper. There are less people wanting to fly so air carriers drop their prices to attract customers. Take advantage of these great savings. If you are traveling in the high season, see if you can book a flight mid-week. These flights are generally cheaper too.

2. Accommodation is cheaper and more readily available. In high season it can be difficult to find a place to stay in popular tourist destinations and when you do find somewhere it can be up to twice as much as when traveling in the off peak.

3. Eating in restaurants can be cheaper too. Owners will be trying to attract patrons so see what sort of deals you can find when eating out.


There are some other positives to traveling in the off peak season, other than saving money. There are fewer tourists for one, so visiting any cultural sight will be much more enjoyable. You can get more of an idea of what a destination is really like without the thousands of extra people. Experiencing the true culture is a real bonus. Did you know that opera season is in full swing in Europe in winter? Or that winter in Australia is often the best time to visit places in the north when the humidity and heat are bearable. Or how about visiting the best holiday markets in Germany in December? Do some research to find out what your chosen destination can offer in off peak, ones that you won?t experience in high season travel times.


So what are the negatives of traveling in the off peak? Well there are a few, but if you plan well you can overcome most drawbacks. Off peak usually means traveling in colder weather and that also means less daylight hours. Pack wisely and remember to dress in layers for the cold weather. Some tourist places close earlier or do not open at all in the off peak, so check up before you go so you are not disappointed. You will also find that in some areas the public transport system does not run as often as in peak tourist season. Find out what options you have to get to places and don?t be caught out missing the last bus home in the middle of winter, in the middle of nowhere! Some hotels and museums close down for the winter to re-furbish and get ready for the next high season influx of tourists. You can gamble and bargain your way to a great accommodation deal once you get to your destination, but all your bartering skills will be of no use if the hotels are all closed. It?s best to check what?s open before you go.


If traveling in the off-peak doesn?t sound attractive to you, then you might like to try the shoulder season and still get some travel price reductions. The shoulder season is considered the period leading up to and away from the high season. Usually in this time you?ll get decent weather, less crowds and lower travel costs ? not the great bargains you?ll get in off peak, but lower costs nonetheless.


This article is brought to you by: Stuart S. Travel ? Your Online Travel Guru

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Past Life Regression Therapy Explained for Boomers

Past Life Regression Therapy Explained for Boomers Author: Dr Karen

Past life regression therapy or PLR is based on the principle of re-incarnation. It means that all of us have had many past lives and that life and death are a part of a constant cycle. According to the believers of past life regression therapy a lot of our present problems may result from the cellular memories of our past lives. For instance a phobia of water could be the result of death by drowning in a past life. PLR therapists claim that unexplained pains and aches in the body, a variety of psychological problems, negative relationships and sometimes even some diseases could be the result of painful or troubled past life memories.

How does PLR therapy work?

Past life regression therapists use clinical hypnosis to delve into their client?s subconscious. According to believers of PLR, the memories of all our past lives are buried somewhere in our subconscious, we may believe that some of our actions and thoughts are our natural instincts but they are actually directed by our subconscious. For instance an instinctive dislike towards someone could be the result of a negative relationship shared with them in a past life.

The therapist starts a PLR session by inducing a trance like state in the client, then with the help of visual imagery one is supposedly transported to a past life. The client sees images and scenes of a past life (which may be affecting his/her present life) replayed in front of his/her eyes like a movie, some may see it as flashes and to others the images appear as they do in the mind?s eye. The therapist takes the client through the important years of the life they are seeing and finally moves towards the time of the client?s death in the previous life. The client sees himself/herself dying, feels like he/she is floating towards the sky, with the help of suggestions from the therapist the client is able to see his/her angels. Most people report receiving messages at this stage about the purpose of their previous life and sometimes even about the purpose and problems in their present life; with this the session is concluded and the therapist brings the client out of their trance (hypnosis). People who have undergone this therapy claim that seeing a past life is like standing at a distance and watching yourself, you feel real emotions, yet you know you are only a silent by-stander watching images of a life you have already lived.

It is believed that once you realize that your present problems are the result of painful memories from your past life, you will able to overcome them.

Does it have scientific validity?

The scientific and the medical world do not endorse and strongly disagree with claims of past life regression therapists. They attribute any positive effects of past life therapy to the placebo effect, which means that people believe they are getting better because, they are told that the therapy would help them. Moreover, non-believers also suggest that what people call an ?image/scene of a past life? is actually just their imagination and the suggestions from therapists make them feel that their imagination is real. According to psychiatrists sometimes we confuse a lucid dream or vividly imagined experience with an actual memory(these are called false memories). We recall the imagined or dreamt experience as real, even though the event or incident never happened in real life. Past life memories according to many psychiatrists and doctors is exactly that, our imagination which seems real.

So should one believe in it?

Though there is no proven research which suggests that we actually have multiple lives or that our past lives have any affect on our present lives, a lot of people not only believe in this therapy but claim that they have benefitted from it. In fact a famous psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss is one of the most talked about and prominent advocates of this therapy. Yet, if one listens to the voice of so called ?rationality? doubts are bound to arise. Moreover all religions do not agree with the concept of re-incarnation either, therefore to believe or not to believe becomes a matter of faith and choice.

Past life regression therapy or PLR is based on the principle of re-incarnation. It means that all of us have had many past lives and that life and death are a part of a constant cycle. According to the believers of past life regression therapy a lot of our present problems may result from the cellular memories of our past lives. For instance a phobia of water could be the result of death by drowning in a past life. PLR therapists claim that unexplained pains and aches in the body, a variety of psychological problems, negative relationships and sometimes even some diseases could be the result of painful or troubled past life memories.

How does PLR therapy work?

Past life regression therapists use clinical hypnosis to delve into their client?s subconscious. According to believers of PLR, the memories of all our past lives are buried somewhere in our subconscious, we may believe that some of our actions and thoughts are our natural instincts but they are actually directed by our subconscious. For instance an instinctive dislike towards someone could be the result of a negative relationship shared with them in a past life.

The therapist starts a PLR session by inducing a trance like state in the client, then with the help of visual imagery one is supposedly transported to a past life. The client sees images and scenes of a past life (which may be affecting his/her present life) replayed in front of his/her eyes like a movie, some may see it as flashes and to others the images appear as they do in the mind?s eye. The therapist takes the client through the important years of the life they are seeing and finally moves towards the time of the client?s death in the previous life. The client sees himself/herself dying, feels like he/she is floating towards the sky, with the help of suggestions from the therapist the client is able to see his/her angels. Most people report receiving messages at this stage about the purpose of their previous life and sometimes even about the purpose and problems in their present life; with this the session is concluded and the therapist brings the client out of their trance (hypnosis). People who have undergone this therapy claim that seeing a past life is like standing at a distance and watching yourself, you feel real emotions, yet you know you are only a silent by-stander watching images of a life you have already lived.

It is believed that once you realize that your present problems are the result of painful memories from your past life, you will able to overcome them.

Does it have scientific validity?

The scientific and the medical world do not endorse and strongly disagree with claims of past life regression therapists. They attribute any positive effects of past life therapy to the placebo effect, which means that people believe they are getting better because, they are told that the therapy would help them. Moreover, non-believers also suggest that what people call an ?image/scene of a past life? is actually just their imagination and the suggestions from therapists make them feel that their imagination is real. According to psychiatrists sometimes we confuse a lucid dream or vividly imagined experience with an actual memory(these are called false memories). We recall the imagined or dreamt experience as real, even though the event or incident never happened in real life. Past life memories according to many psychiatrists and doctors is exactly that, our imagination which seems real.

So should one believe in it?

Though there is no proven research which suggests that we actually have multiple lives or that our past lives have any affect on our present lives, a lot of people not only believe in this therapy but claim that they have benefited from it. In fact a famous psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss is one of the most talked about and prominent advocates of this therapy. Yet, if one listens to the voice of so called ?rationality? doubts are bound to arise. Moreover all religions do not agree with the concept of re-incarnation either, therefore to believe or not to believe becomes a matter of faith and choice.

Want to learn more about alternative therapies? Sign onto for daily self-help and coaching techniques. Join others at and let your voice be heard. Boomers changed the world. We’re not done yet! is a social networking site connecting the Baby Boomer generation. Share your thoughts, rediscover old friends, or expand your mind with brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join today to discover the many ways we are helping Boomers connect for fun and profit.


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Why we Read a book?

Why we Read a book? Author: Aarti Narang

Why reading is important?

Reading is a way where one travels to get the information on subjects. There are others tools who can provide them the knowledge but why you do reading. Why writers write a book or article? Have you ever thought about it? The answer to the above question is very simple, while reading your aim to get the maximum benefit from your reading in the minimum efforts.

Reading a book, magazine presents relevant and useful information which one mouth can’t give. Good reading strategies help you to read in a very efficient way. Writers write a book because they know people takes interests in reading not for pleasure but to get the information on important topics. While write a book his/her aim is to include all the relevant information which will be beneficial for the reader, they try to add everything in their writings. Reader reading a book his/her aim is to collect all the appropriate information which will be valuable for them; they read the book carefully so that nothing should be left. So in this sense we can say that the writer and the reader have an interrelated and independent relationship. They depend on each other.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. Dr. Seuss quotes (American Writer and Cartoonist)

Reading is beneficial when one needs some information about any topic he/she can discuss their problems with many people but when he/she desires not to share his problem with any one and tries to make it confidential then what they do. The option of reading will be the best for them. Books of all materials and topics are present today in the market. It can give you any thing you wish, craving for a shallowest knowledge or a summary or a full article, everything and every type of book are there.

Teachers and writers always advise that when do reading from any source, try to be active and open your all mind shutters, from this techniques you will not only get to understand the each and everything about the writers view also you can develops your awareness level. When you are reading a book try to highlight, underline and annotate the important text. This emphasizes information in your mind, and helps you to review important points later. Doing this also helps to keep your mind focused on the material and stops it wandering.

A home without books is a body without soul.” Marcus Tullius Cicero quotes

Sometimes when one person reads a book for some purpose or he/she needs any urgent information about something he/she finds himself in the sea without a rudder. Though they have the sources of reading but to get the best knowledge in the minimum efforts is the big worry for them. Today in the market different sorts of documents hold information in different places and in different ways. They have different depths and wideness of coverage. By understanding the layout of the material you are reading, you can extract useful information much more efficiently.

If searching for a sensational and alluring related information then go for magazine and newspapers, the reason is these source of information basically concentrate on attractively and interesting stuff. if need any educative information then go for those articles which are based on opinion or news or feature. Want any urgent tips on something then go for websites on net as on websites the main aim of writer is to stress on the informational value though they use their creativity to understand you the same topic from the different aspects but you can achieve the desired things at the earliest. If you know what you want from an article, and recognize its type, you can extract information from it quickly and efficiently.

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.”– Victor Hugo quotes

Reading a book for yourself or someone else, you can help make the reading more relevant and valuable by being a little prepared and having a clear question or purpose for the reading. Reading on any topic give something from it, your reading never gets fail to give you nothing as while reading a story book a reader can get the morale from it, reading a traveling book the reader can aware about the tourist places and the weather conditions and more and more reading never lets you down always try to give everything from it.

Key points One should keep in mind following strategies and techniques to make their reading more effective:-

These are: •Purpose of reading must be clear in your mind, not reading purposefully try to get the morale of the reading. •Read the document carefully and focus fully •Give 100% attention to the reading document •Use pen, pencil or marker to highlight the important topics •Study the document again if not getting any point •Creating your own table of contents for reviewing material


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Demon Hauntings – A Brief Synopsis

Demon Hauntings – A Brief Synopsis Author: Denise Villani

A demon is considered to be a powerful, supernatural being that is generally malevolent (wishing or appearing to wish evil to others) in character. The word demon comes from the Greek word daimon, which means a divine or semi-divine power that determined a person’s fate. Some believe demons are angels who have fallen from grace or have chosen to take the cross over to the dark side, so to speak.

Demons are evil, supernatural beings of intelligence, wit, and immense power. They have the power to invade our homes, attach themselves to objects, and inflict torture both mentally and emotionally by attacking or even possessing the human body.

Demons are usually portrayed as large, muscular, human-like creatures. They are usually thought to be red, winged, and even surrounded by fire. They can take on any form they want, but mostly commonly it is a half man, half animal form.

In many cases, demons are summoned by someone using a Ouija board, or tinkering with some form to magic, witchcraft,or demon worship that perhaps they shouldn’t be tinkering with. They most likely don’t know what they could be getting themselves into.

Demonic hauntings are commonly represented by a stench similar to rotting flesh or sulfuric acid. The air in the area will feel thick and the temperature will drastically change, typically becoming warmer, although intense coldness is sometimes present. Growling sounds seem to come from everywhere all at once. The sounds of manacing laughter or disembodies voices speaking in foreign tongues, usually Latin, can often be heard. The demon may make verbal threats or throw objects. They like to push, shove, hit, and scratch. They may cause nightmares, consistent bad luck, and overwhelming senses of hate, anger, and evil. A demon’s main goal seems to be to break down a person’s free will so they can possess them.

Demons have the ability to morph into any shape they want. They can change from a human form to an inhuman form before your very eyes. They are neither male nor female, but will change to whatever meets their need at the time. Demons are commonly seen as black masses standing in doorways or in the corner of the room.

Demon hauntings usually start in a subtle way. Faucets dripping, scratches in the walls, thumping sounds. These behaviors are typically the same behaviors displayed by a poltergiest, but more extreme. It’s common for several entities to exist in one location with a strong evil presence seemingly controlling the others and not allowing them to cross over.

It is believed that demons hate humans and think them very lowly and stupid. Demons should never be challenged, unless you want a crash course on how weak you really are. Most demonic entities like a challenge and are incredibly conniving; they may have you believing they are good spirits or may appear to have gone away, only to confront you again at the least expected and most vulnerable moment.

Short of an exorcism, which is usually successful, some believe it may be possible to actually command a demon to leave. Be persistent, show no fear and tell it to get out. They will leave, although not necessarily right away, but keep trying. Also, it’s been said that demons don’t like to be ignored. If it can’t get you to fear it, then the game is over. Like say they, ignore it and it will go away. It’s worth a shot at least.

Something else that might help is smudging. To smudge your house, open the windows and light a bundle of dried sage. Sage is believed to clear away negative energy and spirits. Catch the ashes with a plate held underneath the bundle and walk around your home to cleanse it with the sage smoke. It is also said that sprinkling holy water throughout the house might work too.

Demons have lived for thousands of years and will be here long after we’re gone. Although it’s possible to get a demon to leave a place with the above mentioned methods, but they may not necessarily be destroyed. They may just find a new place to terrorize.

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